Nicky Riverson (nicknamed Nic) is a thirteen year-old boy who used to be the survival personality core for glados. After the events of Portal 2 Wheatly finds him floating in space. Nicky ,now in human form, then wakes up in a space station floating in space he fights his way through hundreds of robot minions controlled by Wheatley. Finnally coming to an escape pod he gets in and launches off. Landing infront of Appeture science building. Determined to get answers about where he came from he ventures inside. he learns from Glados that he was a personality core that Wheatley modified into a cyborg. after an intense fight with Wheatley 2.0 he escapes Appeture and tries to live a normal life.


a small doodle of Nicky Riverson

As a personality core he appears very similar to Wheatly although with a white glow.'As a human he is very pale with jet-black messy hair that comes right below his ears and hangs in his face covering a scar his left eye he wears a white long-sleeved shirt with an black triangle on the front'dark blue baggy jeans with a black hoodie tied around his waist and black boots.' ABILITIESHe is a technopath so he can manipulate anything metal or electronic he is also super-smart and has extreme dexterity. PERSONALITY He is mostly silent and has no friends and has a very big personal space.