Human Wheatley is a humanized version of Wheatley, but with a seperate background story. This Wheatley, and the unpublished fanfiction he stars in, were created by VampireMeerkat.

Human Wheatley was designed in 2011.

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Background StoryEdit

Defective turret

Wheatley (2012).

While the original Wheatley was created by Aperture Science; human Wheatley was an employee, until he got fired by Cave Johnson for "being in a wheelchair". Next to being extremely incompetent.

"Beancounter said I couldn't fire a man just for being in a wheelchair.
Did it anyway. Ramps are expensive."
~ Cave Johnson

Wheatley never accepted his release and secretly put himself into a stasis pod after altering GlaDOS' behaviour, causing her to want to kill the entire facility with neurotoxin and take over.
Though, Wheatley explained to Chell that it wasn't really his intention to do this; it just happened because he's "not a very good" scientist. Even so, he is the cause of all that happened in Portal.

Years later he wakes up (Portal 2), and discovers the wreck that was once Aperture Science. He tries to find some clarification about what happened, but only discovers that GlaDOS killed all scientists long ago and she was destroyed by a test subject.
As Wheatley is physically disabled, he had to put together a new wheelchair for himself, as his old one was destroyed by the wreckage. He managed to construct something with help of old personality cores, making his own wheelchair the first and only successful creation he ever designed.

He then tries to find survivors, and stumbles onto Chell, which is where the original story of Portal 2 starts.


Portal 2 cover

Portal 2 cover sketch (2011).

Wheatley is in every way just like the character he represents.

He wants to be helpful, yet often feels pushed aside by others. When he is given the power and authority to do whatever he wants, he's no longer shy to let out his frustrations.


Wheatley has brown hair, blue eyes, a beauty mark on his right cheek and the left side of his chin, fuzzy black eyebrows, black-framed glasses, and has a little bit of stubble.
He looks between the age of 30 and 40.

While the original Wheatley is a ball, the human Wheatley has no round features at all. Instead, the design of the original Wheatley, as for personality cores in general, was mainly inserted into Wheatley's wheelchair.