" looks like we have a bit of a problem. You. Jump twice if you get the joke. Is that a yes? I said jump, not nod your head! Gahh!"-When your about to fight DARKNeSS.

DARKNeSS takes many forms, due to being only a program.


His usual form.


When GLaDOS was not working properly, and Wheatley wasn't having any effect, the employees decided to take every ad and adware they could find and stuck it into one sentient being. Years after Portal 2, he was accidently activated when Space Core and Wheatley crashed back onto Earth. DARKNeSS quickly took over GLaDOS's body, and unleashed thousands of scrapped Turret designs to kill the "people who shut me down". Chell and the Portal Masters arrived at his lair, finding him and his puppet. They lost, but Chell managed to put Wheatley on to his screens, causing him to freeze, and die from his own programming after the freeze overloaded him with Add Wear and adds. However, GLaDOS claims that DARKNeSS will return at one point. Wheatley says that he saved the day but: "Once DID NOTHING! If it weren't for the mute luno and her circus-bots, you all would h-"-Dark's last words before freezing again.

Other Appearances (Free Edit)Edit

  • He and his screen appear in a Bendy video about fighting viruses and other sentient robots.
  • In another Bendy video about being careful during tests, he appears along with GLaDOS, cores, and ASM.


  • His name means nothing, he states: "I think they made that name to scare GLaDOS...I'm not sure..
  • Cave J's speech talks about lemons...again: "He's programmed to shoot *cough*, ugh...Combusted Lemons...if she *cough* doesn't listen."
  • This is also a foreshadowing of him shooting Combusted Lemons at you during the boss battle.