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Aperture Science

"I brought you into this test, and if I have to take you out by killing you, I will do that. You don't scare me at all." - ASM talking to an unknown subject

ASM (Automatic System Manipulator), also known as Athens, is an AI that supervises tests like GLaDOS . ASM supervises tests that don't include the Aperture handheld portal device. ASM was created by Dr. Samuel O. Harenn and his team of researchers and scientists. ASM was developed in the 1990s.


ASM was originally titled Tb01, and was going to be a robotic test advisor like GLaDOS, but with no personality. The reason for this was there were going to be multiple (Tb02, Tb03, etc.) but this idea was scrapped as the Announcer AI sometimes did this. Tb01 was then made to open doors, start tests, pick up subjects and place them in tubes, and create and destroy objects. Dr. Harenn's team then found that they wouldn't need to call it Tb01 as the idea of having multiple was scrapped. They also wanted it to have a personality, so they added that, so almost everything about Tb01 was gone. They then renamed it Automatic System Handler (ASH), but then it was changed to Automatic System Manipulator (ASM) for unknown reasons. ASM was then moved to it's cable and attached, for testing purposes.


ASM is a sarcastic AI who occasionally threatens subjects when they stray off course, sometimes shaking them violently with his built-in claw, and on one occasion killing one of them for attempting to snap back at him.

ASM is in many ways similar to GLaDOS in appearance, but with a blue core instead of a yellow core. ASM is also gray in color instead of white.


  • He appears in a Bendy video about being careful during tests along with GLaDOS, several cores, several testing objects, and DARKNeSS.


  • ASM has been transported in many different cores, including Morality Core, Wheatley, Confident Core, Daring Core, and Debonair Core.
  • ASM was originally going to be green in color with a red core, and ASM actually said he'd prefer a red core when conversing with a subject named Jack Prospekt.
  • Jack Prospekt is the only human that ASM considers a friend.


  • For the confirmation of it first being renamed ASH, see the letter to Dr. Alexander Jones.